November 30 2010,

When we first laid eyes on the home reef aquarium of Julian Sprung, we didn’t quite know what to make of it since it is quite unlike the conventional reefscape. Thanksfully, we had he opportunity to check out the reef on successive days and it became clear that Julian has constructed quite an interesting little coral habitat. The first thing that strikes us is the lack of live rock, but the abundance of corals which fill the three dimensional space makes for a unique effect.

Julian keeps and grows many types of gorgonians, plating cup corals and many photosynthetic sponges like we’ve never seen. The minimal amount of rock means that Julian is able to create many different types of habitats and all sorts of oddball corals can be seen throughout this reef tank. Many unique Pavona, Psammocora, Leptoseris and other subtly shaped corals are tucked in many parts of this reef. And Julian wouldn’t be our kind of reefer if he didn’t have an eye for zoanthids, many of which are grouped together at the short end of the reefscape, right next to a large Gigas clam that pulls double duty as a biological filter for this unique reef.

Stay tuner for the next video from Julian’s home reef which will feature the satellite refugium tank for this reef system.


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