December 9 2010,

The Tunze Silence Electronic is a variable speed centrifugal pump from Tunze which has a lot going for it. The electronic motor of the Tunze Silence Electronic is extremely efficient and very quiet. This electronic Tunze Silence pump can be adjusted from about 200 gph to 476 794 gph with the small adjustment dial found on the cables, and it can also interface with many popular controllers for full control of this centrifugal pump. We are currently using a sample of the Tunze Silence Electronic for varyting flowrate through a 60 gallon display tank but we’ve also heard ideas about using the 1073.050 to dynamically feed a recirculating skimmer and to periodically splash an algae turf scruber. This set of high-performance features would normally cost an arm and a leg but oddly enough, this is one German made and versatile pump which carries the affordable price tag of just a tad over $200. A small handful of Tunze Silence Electronic 1073.050 will become available in December, with more widespread availability to follow in the new year.


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