March 24 2011,


The new Desktop Jellyfish Tank from Jellyfish Art is a great way to jump into keeping awe-inspiring jellyfish. This plug-and-play system comes with everything you need to get started — including a voucher for three moon jellyfish (Aurelia aurita) and food. The 7 gal. acrylic tank is optimized for jellyfish with the round Kreisel design, measuring in at 18 x 16 x 8 in. with clear front and back panels and opaque sides and base.

Included in the Desktop Jellyfish Tank kit is salt, a feeding pipette, air pump, 50W heater, hydrometer, thermometer, filter media and a nifty color-changing and programmable RGB LED system. Once you get your system up and running, contact Jellyfish Art to redeem your voucher and they will overnight ship your jellyfish and food to you from its San Francisco-based facility with an Arrive Alive Guarantee. Another great feature is the company also ships out live rock from its holding tanks to seed your system with nitrifying bacteria.

Beyond regular feeding, the company recommends a 25% water change every two weeks. The moon jellyfish do not sting and will live about a year. The Desktop Jellyfish Tank retails for around $485 and should be available this summer.


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