June 20 2011,

The expandable Elos Evision aquarium control system we saw last month at Aquarama in Singapore has just gotten some pricing details. While the simplicity of the modular design is appealing the first round of pricing coming out of Europe is higher than comparable controllers. For example the base Elos Evision Control Center, the touch screen control unit, runs €384.00 (around $549.62 USD) without any supporting modules. While the products are slick looking and an interesting concept, pricing may have to come down in a range closer to other aquarium controllers on the market to get wider adoption beyond dedicated Elos fans. Pricing details follows the break.

Elos Time Timer $223.28 €156.00
Elos Dimmer Box 3 and 5-pin $68.70 €48.00
Elos AC Power Box $128.82 €90.00
Elos Evision “Touch Screen” ControlCenter $549.62 €384.00
Special Combinations
Time & Dim (timer & dimmer) $243.03 €169.80
Time & Power (timer & power) $313.45 €219.00
Touch & Dim (touch screen, timer, dimmer) $715.36 €499.80
Power & Touch (touch screen, timer, power) $782.35 €546.60

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