December 21 2011,

Albino sharks and albino stingrays are remarkably rare in the wild and in captivity and so when we visit the Denver Downtown Aquarium, we just have to stop by and see their two albino bamboo cat sharks. Our first post on these albino sharks at the DTA featured mostly pictures taken with flash that made the skin of the sharks look pink and mottled but it’s a totally different appearance on video with natural sunlight. Here you can see what the albino sharks look like, especially in comparison to normally colored cat sharks, epaulettes and bony reef fish.

These three foot long albino cat sharks were bred and born at the Denver Downtown Aquarium as a litter of four, two of which were sent to the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha and luckily for us, two remained to be put on display. It’s amazing to think how many hundreds of bamboo cat sharks we’ve seen in out aquarium career but how exceedingly rare and special the albino sharks are. It would be awesome if all four albino bamboo cat sharks grew to maturity and were used in a breeding program to help keep the albino gene alive – we can’t even fathom the price of an albino cat shark if they were ever available in the aquarium hobby.


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