March 19 2012,

Evoslim led

The EvoSlim LED strip lights from Evolution LED and ReefKoi just got reworked with a couple of refinements to make it more robust and powerful. The latest iteration of the ReefKoi EvoSlim has new LEDs, a more robust housing and reworked power delivery all the while staying in the same price range.

With four different sizes, the EvoSlim LED lights are now using 1W Epistar LEDs in one of three versions: all blue with 460nm LEDs, all 14,000K white LEDs and a 1-to-1 mixture of blue to white. Each 12 inches of length run nine LEDs (one foot model is 9W, 24 in. 18W, 36 in. is 27W and the 48 in. model is 36W). Each unit comes with a 6 ft. extension so you can mount the light up to 6 ft. away from the driver.

On top of this, the EvoSlim is now running on 12VDC for each unit regardless of length making it safer and easier to run off of one power supply. You can purchase cords to run multiple units off one power supply. As far as a makeover, the EvoSlim went from plain aluminum to a black powdercoated look and have tripled the thickness of the aluminum mounting tabs to make them stronger, helping to prevent bent tabs.

Prices range from $59USD for the 12 in. version up to $159 for the 48 in. version. If you need more oomph, add $20 per unit to upgrade to 3W LEDs. If you opt for the 3W version, note that these units have less LEDs overall to promote better cooling. The 12 in. version is running five LEDs, the 24 in. 10 LEDs, the 36 in. with 15 LEDs and the 48 in. version has 20 LEDs.


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