March 28 2012,

The Ray 2 LED striplight coming soon from Finnex is an interesting LED aquarium light which straddles the line between a striplight and a fixture. At just one inch thick and three inches wide with tapering edges, the Finnex Ray 2 LED could be one of the most diminutive aquarium LED lights to carry two rows of light emitting diodes.

The Finnex Ray 2 LED will come in three colors – all blue, all white and 50/50 – and it is already up for preorder on the Finnex website. A 16 inch, 9 watt Ray 2 LED will set you back $47, the 18 inch, 15 watt is $61 and the 24 inch Ray 2 with 20 watts of LED costs $76.50. We normally wouldn’t think twice about such a Chinese-looking LED striplight but since Finnex is also distributing the Schuber Wright Safari LED and Titan HQI + LED lights, the Ray 2 may be a sleeper LED aquarium light which is up to the task of growing corals.


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