October 21 2012,

Aquatic Life 3 watt

Aquatic Life is an aquarium product manufacturer primarily known for their R.O. systems, pumps, T5 fluorescent lights and more recently for entry level 1 watt  expandable fixtures, and their half watt fish sytem lights. They have recently announced the release of a 3 LED watt fixture aimed at the higher end LED market, and we got to check out the latest developments in person. At $729 these fixtures aren’t cheap, especially compared to other high end fixtures such as the Ecotech Radion or AI Vega but the software behind the fixtures is definitely very impressive.

The Aquatic Life fixtures have the nice metal body enclosure we all love, and we’ve almost come to expect from LED fixtures. Acrylic panels wedged between the sides furthermore give the Aquaticc Life fixture a nice look. The AquaticLife flagship light comes in at a total of 78 watts, and as the name suggest uses 3 watt LEDs. The fixtures are made and assembled in US and use a combination of white, blue, royal blue and red Cree LEDs. The fixture is fully dimmable and allows up to 18 programmable color combinations, and frivolous features such as lightning and cloud stimulation are also possible.

The software behind the fixture is arguably the strong point of the fixture with a buttery smooth interface. The light intensities can be simply dragged up and down with your mouse on your computer, or can be adjusted through slider based window. Default lighting schedules can also simply be downloaded from the website in the case you don’t want to deal with setting up your own program. The fixture comes with a remote that allows simple features such as dimming, but that can also be used to roll through four different consumer programmed lighting settings. The fixture is connected through a USB cable, but an aquatic life dongle can also be used if you prefer a wireless solution.


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