October 22 2012,

Avast Marine Dosing Barrels are simple, yet handy and attractive containers to store liquid additives for dosing into your aquarium. Many of us are content using recycled water jugs or other containers we’ve hacked and modified to work for our system but as the support system gets to be just a much of a work of art as the display tank. The Avast Marine Dosing Barrels  help you have a neat and tidy stand or fishroom plus a functional container.

The twin-barrel design is created for dosing two-part calcium and alkalinity and since most of the time you are dosing in equal proportions, one lid allows you to get access to both containers.  Another nice touch on these barrels are the sealed tops that use an o-ring to help protect against accidental spills and jolts that could make a mess around other loose-topped dosing containers. From the pictures it appears as if there are four wingnuts securing the lid making it relatively easy to access the chambers.

Pipe the effluent into your dosing pumps via the speedfit connections with standard RO tubing. Acrylic tubes draw the effluent from the bottom of the containers and the speedfit fittings are designed to allow some air to access the chamber so as your liquid is pumped out, air is replaced so it flows smoothly.

The Avast Marine Dosing Barrels are available in small and large barrel sizes using a 3.5 in. and a 6 in. diameter chamber respectively. The both measure in at 12.5 in. tall and the small system holds .43 gallons in each chamber and the large holds 1.34 gallons in each. The Avast Marine Dosing Barrels are available for $99.99 for the small and $149.99 for the large.


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