October 21 2012,

JBJ has always been a big name in the all-in-one nano aquarium part of the industry, but now they are finally giving the pico world some love with their JBJ Cubey. We’ve thouroughly covered the Cubey, so it is great to finally see it run in person. Made out of acrylic and designed as a complete package, the aquarium looks very sleek with canopy and desktop stand.

With a volume of a mere 3 gallons, the tank is tiny and should easily  fit on any desktop. A 15 watt light that works either within the canopy or an open tank is included. The light is a crisps white with 42 cool white LEDs, and 14 blue LEDs, although it might look a bit too white for some. On the back the JBJ Cubey has three switches for whites, blues, and moonlights. The back compartment has three chamber for your heaters, carbon, and other filtration media. Be sure to check out the pictures below.





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