October 23 2012,

ecomaxx in sump protein skimmer

Two new Ecomaxx protein skimmers were outed at the Reefapalooza AquaMaxx booth in orange county this weekend. The larger EcoMaxx 400 and EcoMaxx 500 are not that different from previous models with mostly minor adjustments here and there but the new engines powering them are much better. Instead of the previously used Sedra water pumps the new EcoMaxx 400 & 500 now use all Sicce Syncra water pumps to get more performance and foam production while being quieter, more efficient and with more reliable restarts. Both new in sump protein skimmers have their Syncra foaming engines mounted internally for a small footprint and to get the most from its volume the larger EcoMaxx uses a Syncra 5 and a Syncra 3. Whether it was the acrylic cleaner or if the factory is simply getting much better at production, something about this new crop of needle-wheel skimmers looked particularly polished and refined. 
ecomaxx in sump protein skimmer


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