November 19 2012,

It is often quite easy to forget where the corals from our systems actually came from, or what they looked like in the wild. Wild Singapore’s photo stream is a huge collection of under water life photography and contains many beautiful pictures of reefs and large animals such as turtles and sharks, but the photo stream also contain many pictures of coral colonies which is where the gold lies.

There are literally hundreds of photos of hard corals, zoanthids, corallimorphs, and soft corals in their natural habitat. Neatly organized in some basic categories, there is some differentiation, but don’t expect it to serve as an identification guide by any means. Photo quality of the pictures aren’t that great, but any hard core coral nut should definitely check it out.

All coral photos can be found in the Cnidarians collection, from which point you can browse through individual categories. If you are interested in browsing some of their other pictures, be sure to check out their main FlickeR photo stream  as well. Some of our favorite pictures include this semi-branching favia, a the massive pectinia colony, but what is your favorite photo? Feel free to leave a link in the comments below.


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