January 30 2013,

If yesterday’s video tour of Triton Reef‘s showroom and many spectacular home systems didn’t make you wish you lived in Germany, the tour of this local fish store certainly will. Also filmed by Mr. Jawsee this particular video in another 5 minutes and 28 seconds of pure eye pleasure. This store is Korallenfarm and we know one thing for sure, it looks absolutely amazing, or wunderbar as Germans would say.


Really, this store is pristine and the coral selections seems almost endless. We didn’t spot a single unhealthy looking coral. Heck all the corals are not just “not unhealthy” they are healthy as it gets, some of these specimens even look like they came straight from a zeovit system. For a fish store to maintain such great colors we have to give some serious respect. Anyways, crank up the resolution to 1080p and enjoy.

Again big Kudos to the store, and of course MisterJawsee for creating the awesome video.



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