Eshopps debuts the S300 Cone Skimmer

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  1. Jason says:

    This skimmer is just garbage. I went from a 150 to a 240 gallon tank in which I used all of my old live rock plus new live rock. I also used 250 pounds of new live sand. Of course In the manual it says break in period is 5-10 days. This is a total lie, it’s been for almost a month and no change. It’s suppose to be in 9 inches of water so I raised it an inch per the support at eshopps. Did it help st all, nope not even a slight change. Of course they refuse to say it’s the skimmer, it my tank. Yet as soon as I unplug it and take it out of my sump, and install my old trustee reef dynamics (which is way too small for this tank) does it go crazy like the s-300. Hell no. It skimms perfect every time. Then just to make a bigger point I used an old old old reef dynamics pos. Plugged it in and bame instantly skimmed I had no crazy bubble issues. If people thought about this skimmer don’t even waste your time, I have tested my water every week and it’s fine no issues, but then why is my skimmer going ballistic. Eshopps sure the heck doesn’t know why, but it’s eveything else but their skimmer. Well I proved that theory wrong twice. Of course I am leaving it running like your suppose to and all the nasty waste is all over the inside of my sump, but shouldn’t it be in the darn collection cup, oh yeah he s-300 is too busy being picky and going crazy to actually skim. The cup over flows within five minutes w water. Yes I am running it wide open, again it’s sad reef dynamics do not make skimmers any more. That was a good product.

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