February 22 2013,

Is there anything more captivating than seeing a peppermint angelfish and a narcosis angelfish together in one tank? That’s a trick question because if you answered yes, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that a recent video from Blue Harbor reveals a pair of each Paracentropyge boylei and Centropyge narcosis.

The two pairs of holy grail angelfish from the depths of the South Pacific reef twilight zone appear to frolic around in their new aquarium, looking bright eyed and alert, pecking on available food like they’ve been doing it all their life. The two peppermints and two narcosis look absolutely impeccable in the video, and it’s just such a treat to see these fish alive from this point of view. If you want more, Blue Harbor also shared a clip of a trio of narcosis angelfish swimming in another separate aquarium of their own.

peppermint-angelfish-live narcosis-angelfish-trio


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