Marine/Saltwater Fish

6 Tips for Choosing the Right-Sized Tank for Saltwater Fish

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  1. Avatar Paul B says:

    In the sea a pair of clownfish could stake out an area 15′ wide, much wider than a home aquarium and they don’t get over the fact in a tank that they don’t have 15 feet all to themselves. My fireclowns are 24 years old and still fisht with the other fish. They live well in a small tank but constantly annoy all the other fish. My wife wanted a larger home and, like clownfish, keeps annoying me for more space. But, like clownfish, I just choose to ignore her.
    That one inch rule didn’t even work well on freshwater fish, much less salt water fish. Some fish can live in a much smaller tank, fish like seahorses can live on a damp sponge. I keep my manta ray in a 20 gallon tank and as long as his face is wet, he is happy, but his tail keeps scratching my ceiling.

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