July 23 2013,

The Aqua-Medic Defroster+ is a simple thawing tray for frozen foods to help separate the thawing water that can be higher in nitrates, phosphates and preservatives you may not want in your aquarium. The defroster comes with a sieve that mounts on top of the box to give you a steady platform to work with. Once the food is thawed, Aqua-Medic includes its aminovit, amino acid and vitamin booster, to add a bit of beneficial nutrients to your frozen food.

Released last year, the Aqua-Medic Defroster+ retails for around $20. We do see this as an intriguing product some might find valuable. At the low price, we feel this could be worth trying and the 40ml bottle of aminovit makes it a bit more compelling. Others might just find a fine fish net or discount store sieve and bowl can do the trick just as well.



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