August 30 2013,

Yesterday’s post on the Hydra Fifty Two from Aqua Illumination was just a teaser but now that the LED-rich fixture has been pulled out and put on display, we can tell you call about it. As you can see, the Hydra 52 has four clusters of LEDs which each contain 13 different LEDs. The color make-up of each cluster includes the same colors as the Hydra but with the diodes being ran much more gently.

The Cree XTE cool whites are running at roughly three watts each with all the colored LEDs powered somewhere closer to two and half watts. This low level of power coupled with an incredible number of LEDs means that the Hydra Fifty Two produces an incredible amount of light while drawing only 135 watts at the wall. The overall luminous efficiency hasn’t been measured or calculated yet but AI will be sure to let us all know when they do.

AquaIllumination’s newest flagship Hydra Fifty Two is expected for a winter 2013/2014 release with a very attractive price of $599. Can’t wait to check it out!


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