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Yellowheaded Sleeper Goby: A Fascinating but Challenging Sand-Sifter

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  1. Avatar Jonathan says:

    I have one of this fish I just bought it this week he was doing just fine eating and sifting even swimming at the top of my tank but tonight I just watched that his mouth is opening and closing quickly like something is stuck in his mouth it wasn’t from the air or even the water becose I just did my water change today morning can you please advice me I don’t want to lose my fish
    His tankmates are :
    Clownfish (nemo)
    Coral banded shrimp (boxer shrimp)
    Nassarius snail

  2. Avatar Maime Schemenauer says:

    We just purchased one of these gobies about 4 days ago and right away he found a hiding place, which is good for him but not for us he has been in there and will not come out he does once in awhile Peak his head out but then he goes back in, so far has not been out in the tank to do any sifting. We are feeding our fish dry flakes and we do have blood worms. I don’t put the blood worms in because I don’t see the fish eating them even though we were told that they love blood worms. We have very friendly fish we have Nemo’s and we have blue damsels so far. To make a long story short my question is is this goby ever going to come out and start sifting sand?

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