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How to Beat Those Pacific Blue Tang Blues

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  1. Avatar Miguel Duarte says:

    Hi. Mine looks very good. Bright colors quick swimmer. But… gletting bigger. Should be about 10 centimeters now. Chases other fish and eats quickly and agressively everything! Kind of not leaving anything for the tank mates. I was just told that she will become carnivouros and she will start to eat my corals! Quite a frightening thought! Is that right? Thanks a lot for your help.

  2. Avatar Ayaan says:

    Thank you.
    It’s one fish we all are in love with. For me I like the aqua blue/cyan color tone that is seen with camera flashes and sun/daylight.
    By the way, we talk of big gallon tanks in connection with tangs, etc.A 125 gal could also mean one with a lot of height and short length and even shorter depth/width/breadth.
    So, I think a mention of the tank dimensions is more useful but of course we are talking of experienced keeprs here.

    1. Avatar Jeff Kurtz says:

      Ah, that’s an excellent point, Ayaan! The footprint of the tank is definitely an important consideration for P. hepatus.The longer and wider the better for this blue beauty!

  3. Avatar Paul Baldassano says:

    As was said, they can grow to about a foot long (usually about 10″) but if you keep them in a smaller tank, they will live but will be stunted. Also as Jeff said they are very vulnerable to HLLE and almost always get it in my tank even though they live longer than ten years. No one is quite sure what causes HLLE or Head and lateral line disease as so many things have been sited from carbon fines to stray electricity to nitrates, to virus to rap music. The only thing that is certain is that confinement in a tank causes it as they do not get it in the sea. I have almost always had one in my reef and they are one of the most beautiful fish there is and one of the fed blue fish. A really nice blue with a “modern” painting on their sides.
    The last one I kept for many years in my 100 gallon reef only grew to about 5″

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