5 Ways to Counteract Coral Combat in the Marine Aquarium

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  1. Avatar George Trauten says:

    Do you recommend shorter periods of water movement or longer continuous periods in two alternate directions? I have 2 korallias in my 55gal reef?d

  2. Avatar Jeff Kurtz says:

    There are definitely varying opinions on this, but we advocate providing continuous random, turbulent water movement around corals (at a level of intensity appropriate to the species, of course). That typically requires some experimentation with the position of powerheads, filter return nozzles, etc. so their outputs intersect in the water column and/or deflect and scatter off the tank glass or objects in the aquarium. Hope that helps!

  3. Avatar George Trauten says:

    Thanks. I play around with them and typically try ro intersect in the middle of the tank near the over flow box.

  4. Avatar Paul Baldassano says:

    When hammer corals mature, they can wreck havoc on neighboring corals

  5. Avatar Jeff Kurtz says:

    If you think hammer corals are bad, you should see what table saw corals can do to their neighbors!

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