Salt Smart Tips for Soothing Those Hair Algae Headaches

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  1. Avatar Paul Baldassano says:

    Hair algae can not be cured because it is not a disease and is a natural part of every reef in the sea.
    You don’t usually see it in the sea because of all the urchins, slugs, tangs, rabbitfish, algae eating bleenies etc. If there were no algae what would these creatures be eating? At night reefs are over run with urchins. We can’t cure it but we can let it grow where we want it to grow which would be in a lighted refugium. I use an algae trough and eliminated my cycles of hair algae. Refugiums provide better growing conditions so the algae grows there in stead of on your corals.
    I recently took this in Hawaii. Yes it is hair algae and it is all over the place.

  2. Avatar Paul Baldassano says:

    This was the same reef, notice an urchin in every hole. And this was day time, at night urchins cover everything to eat hair algae.

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