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The Great Cleaner Wrasse and Cleaner Goby Throwdown!

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  1. Dan says:

    Hey guys, I picked up a cleaner wrasse from an LFS about 6 months ago, and this gut simply loves Rod’s food. I drop a chunk into the tank and he and my fox face fight over it like its a tug – o – war. He always ends up with a huge belly bulge when he is finished. I don’t know if other cleaner wrasses adapt as well, but mins certainly has.

  2. Matt Bowers (Muttley000) says:

    Nice write up Jeff, I always enjoy when information is put out there that helps people make a conscientious choice! I have always heard what the article says, that the cleaner wrasse is best left in the ocean. I’m glad Dan had a stroke of good luck, but hope that LFS will increasingly stock the goby over the wrasse.

  3. Jeff Kurtz says:

    That’s definitely an encouraging sign, Dan. Keep experimenting with a variety of nutritious foods as long as your adventuresome guy seems willing to try ’em!

  4. Jeff Kurtz says:

    Thanks Matt! If we all keep voting with our pocketbooks, hopefully market forces will help bring that about.

  5. Jon Norris says:

    Hey great article! I did my thesis on the biological eradication of ich in marine aquaria. I did a control study and tested cleaner wrasse, cleaner goby, cleaner shrimp and one you left out and my clear winner, sharknose goby or Elactinus evelynae. I need to send Chris my findings. One of my favorite fish

  6. Chris Aldrich says:

    Very interesting, Jon. I’d love to read through your findings. I’ve like to keep E. oceanops in my tanks (the ones where they’ll survive). Another degree of my Carib obssession…Jeff doesn’t call me “Caribbean Chris” for nothing, haha!

    Anyway, I need some E. evelynae in my life. They’ve always interested me but I’ve never come across or sought one out. I recently lost the last of my neon goby pair (darn their relatively short life span), so I might have to look around for a sharknose as a replacement.

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