Take A Virtual Reality Dive In West Papua Indonesia

Earlier this year we had the opportunity to visit Raja Ampat in the West Papua province of Indonesia. We were absolutely amazed with the diversity of corals and abundance of fish. This week the American nonprofit Conservation International has launched a virtual reality film from the Bird’s Head peninsula in West Papua.

In April wrote about Virtual Reality Scuba Diving and the underwater film The Click Effect and I was hooked from that point forward. The Bird’s Head VR dive is much like that first immersive experience and uses the same VRSE. Works platform.  You can find the video HERE.
The Bird’s Head peninsula in West Papua is one of the richest marine biodiversity centers in the world. This new film titled “Valen’s Reef” lets you see the underwater treasures of Birds’ Head and learn more about the conservation work of local residents with the support of Conversation International The Bird’s Head region has more than 2,500 islands and reefs. It is home to 600 types of corals and 1,765 kinds of fish (including more than 40 species of sharks and rays). About 3 percent of the world’s mangroves are located in this area. Scientists estimate that Bird’s Head holds more species of fish than Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and more species of coral than the entire Caribbean Ocean.
Bird’s Head provides food, shelter, and livelihood to 760,000 West Papuans. West Papua is located in the eastern region of Indonesia. Valen’s Reef is one of the films being screened at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and it is released in partnership with YouTube.“Valen’s Reef” is more than just a film showcasing the marine treasures of Bird’s Head. It also tells the story of how a marine habitat threatened by destructive fishing was revived by a joint effort of community groups and conservationists. The film is narrated by a local fisher who dedicates his advocacy to protect the seas to his son, Valen.

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