Unique Perspective: National Marine Sanctuaries on Liquid Galaxy

Liquid Galaxy

Recently Liquid Galaxy released this video showing National Marine Sanctuaries. The Office of National Marine Sanctuaries serves as the trustee for a network of underwater parks encompassing more than 600,000 square miles of marine and Great Lakes waters from Washington state to the Florida Keys, and from Lake Huron to American Samoa. The network includes a system of 13 national marine sanctuaries and Papah?naumoku?kea and Rose Atoll marine national monuments.
Liquid Galaxy is an open source project created by Google which uses a cluster of computers and connecting monitors to create a uniquely immersive experience. The platform started out as a panoramic multi-display Google Earth viewer, and thanks to companies like End Point the project kept growing into a more refined digital experience.
The Liquid Galaxy display combines 3D globes, websites, fullscreen video, and more to create this unique viewing experience. Once content is uploaded, the viewer then stands in front of the panoramic screens and uses a touchpad or joystick to look around and navigate through the image or video.
Currently, End Point is the leading global agency for developing, deploying, and supporting Liquid Galaxy systems, with over 100 installations and events worldwide. Their team of engineers and content developers has a deep knowledge of the hardware, software, and aesthetics that can make a Liquid Galaxy come to life as a dazzling data presentation tool. To learn more about End Point and their Liquid Galaxy display you can visit their website here.