Coral Colors – The Secret Movement of Corals

Coral Colors

Coral Colors is a beautiful macro time lapse video that gets up close and personal with some of our favorite corals. This HD video has all the LPS corals you would expect to see, including three vibrant Acanthophyllias, colorful Acanthastrea, and a pulsing Zoanthid cluster. Aside from those juicy donuts, what we found most interesting about this video was the background of the director, Antonio Rodríguez Canto.
Canto has been experimenting with time lapse photography since 2007 where he was focused mainly on the world of construction. After mastering the technique of time lapse, he wanted to create something new or rarely seen and was attracted to the technical aspect of capturing corals secret movements.
Canto writes “There are Hundreds of time lapse video of clouds, cities, auroras and milky way with excellent quality, each with a personal touch, but I often convey a sense of “déjà vu”.
“After searching for inspiration on the Internet, I found a couple of videos of corals, that caught me from the outset and HAD the features I was looking for. They used the technique of time lapse but Were new and unique.”
We can only guess he was inspired by the works of Daniel Stoupins focus stacking technique used to create Slow Life, the macro time lapse photography of Coral Morphologic and other photography enthusiasts in the hobby.
Coral Colors reminds us of the intricate beauty of coral and how the ocean and all its inhabitants have the ability to inspire. Collectively we as an aquarium community can already attest to this wonderment, as it is why many of us keep these animals in our homes.
Time lapse and coral, especially the fleshy polyps Canto has chosen for his film make the perfect couple. Time lapse brings these corals to life revealing their secret slowed down movements which we seldom have the opportunity to observe in real time. [MyLapse]

Coral Colors – The Secret Movement of Corals

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