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As betta popularity grows, how will it impact the saltwater hobby?

Walking into a large pet store, you might find that lowly endcap of freshwater betta fish has now expanded with entire aisle of shelves dedicated to the Siamese fighting fish. The rising popularity of keeping this fish is fueling the growth of betta-related products. The one question we ask, will this impact the saltwater side … Read More

Ecoxotic Vita is a unique aquaponics system, testing the waters on Kickstarter

The synergy between fish and plant is beautiful and inspiring. Whether its a mangrove system or a freshwater planted tank, there is just something beautiful about the balance it brings. Ecoxotic is taking this to the next level with its new Ecoxotic Vita, the first product in its new line of living decor. The indoor … Read More

Cannon Pro 500 watt LED announced by Ecoxotic

The Cannon Pro 500 watt LED spotlight just announced and displayed by Ecoxotic is one the largest, most powerful and and most concentrated light we’ve ever seen from an LED. The new jumbo Cannon Pro LED stands in contrast to previous high powered LED spotlights we’ve seen this far. Instead of using a powerful 100w or … Read More

Tropical Marine Centre bringing Ecoxotic Canon Pro lighting to UK and beyond

Tropical Marine Centre is partnering with Ecoxotic to bring the high power Canon Pro range of LED pendant lights to the commercial market in Europe, the Middle East and Russia. The Canon Pro LED lighting is extremely popular with large installations as the amount of light distributed is second to none, as we’ve concluded with … Read More

Cannon Pro LED advances Ecoxotic’s assault on metal halides

Ecoxotic is continuing its agenda to ‘endanger metal halide’ lighting with a next generation of LED spotlights called the Cannon Pro LED. For several years now the Ecoxotic Cannon LED spotlight has been the most popular LED option for replacing metal halides in large aquarium setups for private aquarists and public aquariums due to its … Read More

New Patent US8646934 aquarium light strip revealed

We get several goods delivered to our respective Reef Builders’ offices located around the world. One such package caught our eye more than others. In the package from Ecoxotic was a new patent that recently got approved as officially official. The patent in question US8646934 references an aquarium light strip, which describes the abstract, as … Read More

Ecoxotic’s E-Series LED striplight is superbangin’ over some real live fish and corals

Earlier this month Ecoxotic teased us with a promising new LED, the E Series striplights with integrated reflectors, multicolor, multichannel control and remote controllability. While Ecoxotic had a strip on their ReefStock table, we didn’t get a taste of the E Series in action until we got to see ORA’s booth at Global Pet Expo … Read More

Ecoxotic teases new E-Series RGBW LED striplight and inline controller

Ecoxotic is a ReefStock regular and as such, they’ve usually got a few nice new tricks up their sleeves for us to enjoy and blog on during the show. This year the big reveal from Ecoxotic is the E Series LED striplight and an inline LED controller-timer. The Ecoxotic E-Series LED striplight is the third … Read More

Want to dive the Coral Restoration Foundation at MACNA? #dive4crf gives you the chance

The work the Coral Restoration Foundation is important to the survival of some vital reefs in the continental United State and having the opportunity to dive with the CRF is a chance in a lifetime. Now thanks to Piscene Energetics, Boyd Enterprises and Two Little Fishies, Ecoxotic is turning to social media and sponsoring a … Read More

Is this a new RGB Par38 coming from Ecoxotic?

Scrolling through Ecoxotic’s Flickr feed, we came across this intriguing RGB PAR38 LED lamp that we suspect might be making its way into the product catalog. This RGB PAR38 lamp holds 12 high-power LEDs with 15 degree focusing lenses, allowing light to penetrate deeper depths. The ubiquitous wireless remote control we’ve seen with other RGB LEDs … Read More