April 23,

The Bubble Magus Hero77 and C99 are two new protein skimmers from the budget-friendly aquarium product manufacturer. The Bubble Magus Hero77 and C99 both feature two needle wheel pumps, each placed inside the skimmer body to reduce the footprint of each skimmer for those small pump situations. Until now Bubble Magus has mostly produced dual pump protein skimmers with pumps that are external to the skimmer body, but with the release of the Hero77 and the C99 you’ll be able to get twin engine foam fractionation from Bubble Magus in either a conical or classic skimmer body. 

The Bubble Magus Hero77 pictured above is a cone skimmer with two small Aqualine SP2000 water pumps which draw 16 watts of power each and together pump the Hero77 with 520 liters of air per hour. You could get that kind of performance from a bevy of single larger pumps, but then you couldn’t fit inside the body of the Hero77 to get the space friendly 14 x 12 inch footprint.

The Bubble Magus C99 pictured below has a more classic body shape, with a conical neck and it also powered by two internal water pumps. In the case of the Bubble Magus C99, the 900 liters of air per hour is provided by a pair of SP4000 water pumps which draw 20 watts each. Neither the Hero77 or the C99 are exactly breaking performance records when it comes to air draw per watt but like many other Bubble Magus products, they will certainly be competitive on store shelves with a healthy feature set and aggressive price.


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