happy-black-friday Black Friday aquarium deals aplenty, are you ready to shop? For the last five years or so, we have listed out some of the great Black Friday shopping deals our sponsors have. This year we are excited to see more manufacturers relax the MAP pricing and allow their retail partners offer great products at great prices. While there are plenty of other merchants and vendors
maxspect-gyre-pump-1 Gyre Flow: What a difference ten years can make
EcoSmart Live Beta announced with Dropcam support and VorTech integration

Check out this insane concentration of invasive Lionfish

If you have any doubts about just how severe the lionfish invasion is on the Atlantic Coast and Gulf of Mexico, just check out this video. This YouTube video uploaded by Alex Fogg was taken on a recent dive with the Coast Watch Alliance in the last Gulf Coast Lionfish Coalition derby in Pensacola, Florida, Read More

Cree XHP LED designed for next generation high power lights

It’s been a little while since we’ve heard of new developments coming out of Cree but their newest XHP series LED is bound to make some jaws drop on specs alone. The new Cree XHP finally has a name that stands for something, Extreme High Power, and by all metrics this is one of the single Read More

Google Street View of Great Barrier Reef officially released

A little over two years ago, we learned Google, in conjunction with Caitlin Seaview Survey, had the ambitiious plan to map the Great Barrier Reef and allow anyone to take a “Street View” look at this majestic location. Last week, Caitlin Seaview announced the complete visual and data record from its GBR expeditions were now available to anyone to Read More

A masterpiece is born: time lapse aquascaping of Worldwide Corals’ new show tank

It’s not everyday that you know of a certain reef aquarium which is being built is destined for greatness, but when that tank is being set up by Worldwide Corals, you kind of just know. This weekend while working on on his brand new, 900 gallon coral farm and display reef tank, Victor sent us Read More

Variations and forms of Paracentropyge venusta

Paracentropyge is a small genus with three species. Over the years, the placement of P. venusta as well as P. multifasciata have been in rather constant shuffle, moving back and forth between this as well as Centropyge. Allen and Erdmann’s book on fishes of the east indies places the two back in Centropyge. P. boylei Read More

Teardrop ‘maxima’ clams are now a distinct species, Tridacna noae

Tridacna noae is a newly recognized species of giant clam which reefers have been enjoying in our aquariums for many years now. We’ve always been told that the morphology of the shells of giant clams is the key to identifying species in the genus Tridacna but for once reef aquarists get a lucky break by getting Read More

Top 10 signature corals from Jason Fox

When it comes to one-man coral farming and coral collecting operations, few have had the staying power of Jason Fox and his incredible selection of diverse and exotic corals. The success of Jason Fox is not by chance, or great business acumen, but simply driven by sheer passion for the craziest corals on the planet. Read More

Red Sea Reefer Aquariums blur the line between DIY and All in One

The Red Sea Reefer series is a new concept in aquarium products from the company that kicked off the upscale All in One aquariums with the original Red Sea Max. Currently, if you want to set up a marine aquarium you have the choice of buying an All in One aquarium, like the Red Sea Read More

Awesome Fish Spotlight: Lipogramma trilineatum

Today’s Awesome Fish Spotlight features a tiny basslet from the Lipogramma genus. All Lipogramma are small basslets confined only to the deep water reefs of the new world, namely the Atlantic. There are eight described species of Lipogramma, with undeniably more waiting to be discovered and described. Most recently, a new Lipogramma cf. robinsi has Read More

Friday Smorgasbord: Lizardfish, 100K crabs, Iron Reef and more

This interesting Tumblr has visual examples of this question “Dude, have you guys seen a lizardfish (Synodontidae) eating a fish?” The entire site is pictures of the lizardfish eating other fish and what ensues is some interesting imagery to say the least. This amazing video shows how the Museum Victoria in Australia filmed animals in Read More