kwajalein-coral-reef-scene-8-620x465 Recap of this week’s new products to create an aquarium reefscape By some neat coincidence, this week witnessed the announcement of four new products which have a different approach to building a mini reef aquarium aquascape. Each of this week’s artificial reefscaping materials represent novel solutions to using an alternative to live rock. The various choices for building an artificial mini reef structure include man made rock, ceramic
flores-acropora-unknown-two-5 The second unknown Acropora discovered on the Fluval Sea Flores Expedition
Tunze Turbelle nanostream 6020 and 6040 pricing and availability update

Maine brewery uses seaweed in latest beer

Craft breweries have been using odd ingredients to set them apart from the competition for a while but one brewery in Maine caught our attention when we learned they have a brew coming up made with seaweed. The Marshall Wharf Brewing Co. in Belfast, Maine, already has one brew sourced from the sea in a Read More

IceCap is making a comeback, new Ice EcoSmart Ro/DI filter expected this fall

When IceCap shuttered operations a few years back, we figured the name would just live in the lore of the hobby but it appears IceCap is making a comeback thanks to Chris Conti and team at CoralVue have resurrected the brand. One of the first products we are hearing about is the new upcoming IceCap Read More

Comparing the Radion XR15w Pro and the Hydra 26 LED lights

Ecotech Marine and AquaIllumination have been on parallel paths in their development of marine aquarium products for some time and with their newfound synergy from the recent merger, they have simultaneously released comparable reef aquarium LED lights. The Hydra 26 and Radion XR15w Pro are very similar in some ways but still have distinctive features that Read More

Gem tang hybrid could be the rarest surgeonfish ever

If you thought a gem tang was rare, just wait until you get a good look at this very unique surgeonfish just captured in Mauritius. At first glance the little Zebrasoma looks like a scopas tang, Zebrasoma scopas, but upon further inspection this is one surgeonfish that got a little Jungle Fever. The newly collected tang is dark Read More

JBJ releasing new SK-45 protein skimmer

The new JBJ SK-45 protein skimmer is a nan0-sized skimmer designed for use in smaller aquariums up to 45 gallons. Considering JBJ also makes one of the more popular all-in-one systems, the SK-45 nano skimmer is ideal for use in the JBJ RL-45, JBJ RL-30, and RL-20 or similar AIO units, but this could be used Read More

PRS Japan adds to new larger sizes of their Auto ZR Zeolite reactor

The PRS Auto ZR 1 is a unique zeolite reactor that shakes the stones with an up-and-down bouncing motion that is propagated with the use of a motor and spring. Now PRS Japan has announced that they have developed two new larger sizes of the Auto ZR reactor for the needs of the larger Zeovit Read More

Hydra 26 LED hands-on and comparison with larger Hydra 52

The Hydra 26 LED light from AquaIllumination was only just announced a little over a mont ago but its already starting to get distributed through to users and resellers. We got a nice sample Hydra 26 in a swanky white and silver to contrast well with the larger, black Hydra 52 it’s posing with, and Read More

Skimz adds another DC pump to line up with new Skimz Zenvotec DC Pump

Skimz just added another DC pump to the line up with the new Skimz Zenvotec DC Pump. The new Skimz Zenvotec is a variable speed controllable DC pump delivering a high flow rate while keeping the power consumption on the low side. This design seems to be based off the Abyzz Zenotec pump and features Read More

hw-Marinemix salt comes to Bulk Reef Supply

hw-Marinemix, one of the industry’s oldest salt mix brands is now more readily available thanks to the team at Bulk Reef Supply that began carrying the German brand of synthetic salt mix. Although this company has been around since 1968 making it one of the early brands of synthetic sea salt available on the market, many Read More

Captive-bred scribbled angelfish are already flowing to Quality Marine

Scribbled angelfish are one of the iconic aquarium fish of Australia and it has long been the most popularly kept member of the genus Chaetodontoplus. Finally, the scribbled angelfish is the latest species to get the captive bred treatment from Bali Aquarich which has had great successes over the last year with a much less common Read More