koralia-3rd-generation-hydor-5 Sneak peek at Hydor’s third generation Koralia water pump The third generation Koralia pump is Hydor’s latest breed of propeller pump which really bring with them a next generation level of refinement. Any pump manufacturer can deliver incremental improvements to their newest pumps, kinda like what hydor did with the second generation Koralias, but these third generation Koralias are better, faster, quieter, stronger in so
zoanthid-tree-top Tyler Bell’s Zoanthid tree is an exquisite concept of coral display
Fishbit aquarium monitor and controller launches at CES

Plectranthias yamakawai debuts in the market at Remix Japan

Besides having a knack for creative LFS names, the Japanese are also highly skilled in obtaining crazy fish, many of which are unlikely to register in the minds of the day to day hobbyist. Japanese fish store Remix has just obtained an incredible specimen of Plectranthias yamakawai, making this the first ever individual to be offered alive.  Read More

Undescribed Plectranthias from Papua shows up in Bangkok, Thailand

If there’s a genus we love more than or equal to Liopropoma here at Reef Builders, it’s got to be Plectranthias. Unfortunately, Plectranthias is poorly reviewed and the genus is riddled with numerous undescribed members which leads to confusion in identifying various species. To make matters worse, it is not uncommon for certain unknown species to look similar to known ones, or even unknown ones Read More

Bulk Reef Supply suffers cyber attack, customer data stolen

Bulk Reef Supply, a popular provider of aquarium equipment and supplies announced yesterday they have been hacked. Those customers who were affected by the breach will receive written notice from the company along with free instructions to receive credit monitoring services. The investigation is ongoing to the incident but the company has confirmed some customer Read More

Seachem Digital Spoon Scale helps with precision dosing

The new Seachem Digital Spoon Scale is a novel piece of equipment that will help take the guesswork out of dosing any chemical or supplement.  The spoon actually has an integrated scale system that can measure up to 300g in 0.1 increments. Seachem should have it available through distributors in the next few weeks. Although this is Read More

Awesome Fish Spotlight: Prismatic Tosanoides flavofasciatus

A throwback to our final Osaka review saw us mentioning briefly the incredible prismatic beauty of Tosanoides flavofasciatus. Like Liopropoma aurora, this species, especially this particular specimen is deserving of a full and separate post to really showcase its beauty and story. T. flavofasciatus is joined by only one other member in this genus and is Read More

Ruby seadragon, Phyllopteryx dewysea, discovered in south Australia

Phyllopteryx dewysea is a new species of seadragon from the southern coast of Western Australia with a brilliant red color giving it the name of Ruby Seadragon. There are only two other species of seadragon, the leafy seadragon, Phycodorus eques, and the weedy seadragon, Phyllopteryx taeniolatus, with the new ruby seadragon being more closely related Read More

AquaticLife Halo LED pendant finally ready for market

The AquaticLife Halo LED pendant we saw at MACNA back in 2013 is finally hitting the market with two available models. We have two models. The AquaticLife Halo Deluxe pendant has the onboard controller and the AquaticLife Halo Basic can either be used as a slave unit or with an external aquarium controller. The pendants Read More

Hawaii removes ban on aquarium collection in proposed bill

Hawaii has been at the center of legislation that would ban aquarium collection. Last week, the House Committee on Ocean, Marine Resources and Hawaiian Affairs approved a revised House Bill 873 which initially called for a ban on the industry that officials have said does around $2 million a year in business. The decision came Read More

Opulent Osaka Part 4: A BlueHarbor tribute, and the man behind the brand

We’ve come to our last and final installation of our four part Osaka travelogue. If you’ve been following parts 1, 2 and 3, we hope you’ve enjoyed it, and thank you for exploring some of Osaka’s most opulent reef keepers with us. We’re at the finishing line of this incredible journey and what better way Read More

Peculiar thin-branching Euphyllia collected in Cairns, Australia

The stony coral genus Euphyllia includes at least nine species that each display a staggering degree of diversity, but it seems like there’s still a few corals out there which don’t fit the mold for what is already known and documented for the species. In the spotlight today is this peculiar thin-branching Euphyllia recently collected in Read More