An intimate look at the amazing Montipora

While the rest of the world is currently going gaga for shrooms and fuzzy sticks, we’re rekindling our love interest with Montipora. In some ways, the multicolored polyps and nodules and growth forms of various Montipora species was strongly responsible for the second wave of coral frag collectoritis since it was easy to come up with so

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Rare double fin firefish makes its way to House of Fins

A rare double-finned common firefish has just made its way to the aquarium hobby and it’s quite the attention grabber. If there’s one thing that firefish are well known for, it’s that prominent first dorsal fin. So you can imagine our delight when House of Fins turned us on to a very special individual with

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Unboxing the Jellyfish Art Cylinder Nano Aquarium

Jellyfish Art launched a Kickstarter Campaign showing off a completely redesigned desktop nano aquarium for keeping the Moon Jellyfish; this aquarium was shown off at both MACNA 2015 and more recently the Aquatic Experience – Chicago.  Now, we’re able to give you a first-hand look, unboxing one of the very first Jellyfish Cylinder Nano aquariums to

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3.4 Fairy Wrasses: The filamentosus group

The filamentosus group presents the reader with a collection of familiar, aquarium-friendly species, many of which are exuberantly colored and morphologically quirky. Despite some superficial differences in colors and fin shapes, the overall morphology strongly implies that this is the Pacific counterpart to the Indian Ocean rubriventralis group. Given the highly diverse and endemic nature Read More

How long should you wait to add livestock to your reef tank?

How long should you wait to add livestock to your reef tank? That question has plagued saltwater aquarists for years. Odds are you would receive different responses to the question from anywhere from a few days to months. The later method is part of a trend to wait as long as possible to add livestock Read More

Where do corals come from?

For anyone who is a parent we all remember when we had to have “the talk” with our children. Similarly for everyone new to the hobby as well as for the many visitors we all have invariably the question arises: Where do corals come from?” Unlike fish which everyone pretty much assumes come from a

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Robotic aquarium glass cleaner Ocean Swipe 360 now on KickStarter

We’ve been covering the introduction and development of the Ocean Swipe 360 for some time now, and today this device is part of a crowdfunding campaign to finally bring it to market. If you’re not familiar with the Ocean Swipe 360, let us bring you up to speed. The Ocean Swipe 360 is a patented

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Terelabrus dewapyle is the newest species of candy cane hogfish

Terelabrus dewapyle is a new species of deepwater wrasse described from specimens collected in the western Pacific ocean. The newly minted species is only the second species of ‘candy cane hogfish’ joining the ever popular Terelabrus rubrovitattus and finally adds some diversity to the formerly monotypic genus. Like its congener, the specimens of Terelabrus dewapyle were all

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Life Rock Frag Zone From CaribSea will hide your frags

CaribSea the long time aggregate company announced the availability of their new Life Rock Frag Zone pack. Life Rock Frag Zone is coated calcium carbonate that it said to make fragging easy. Small fragging pieces are colored to look like live rock and are not an eye sore like other fragging kits on the market

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Can Reef Primer really save corals from bacterial infections?

I saved one really, really nice Blastomussa from infection using Reef Primer and it’s gotten me really curious. Can Reef Primer really be used to save some of these corals that are notorious at coming down with aggressive bacterial infections? If you’re a casual aquarist or weekend hobbyist, you may not be aware of the

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