devil clam-4 Face to face with the mythical Devil Clam, Tridacna mbalavuana We’ve been writing about the devil clam, Tridacna mbalavuana (formerly T. tevoroa) for years, and even more so in the last couple months since Tonga loosened up its exports of giant clams. But finally, this week we had the chance to see a real live devil clam, in person, in the flesh, and extremely personal. Coming face to face
stenopus tenuirostris A Photographic Identification Guide to Stenopus Shrimp
Review of the DoS Fluid Metering System by Neptune Systems

Dynasty’s deepwater deluge series 2: Schultzea beta and Parasphyraenops incisus

Our second series of deepwater Curacao fish aims to shed light on two very unorthodox aquarium offerings. The waters of the Atlantic are home to a smorgasbord of basslets, and it is no doubt that the family Serranidae attains maximum development here with a plethora of genera each with its own set of unique species. Schultzea Read More

BioTek Marine launching two new sump models at Reefapalooza Orlando, BioSump and TekSump

Aquarium Specialty’s BioTek Marine is launching two new sump models at Reefapalooza Orlando this weekend, the BioSump and TekSump. Each of these new external aquarium filtering chambers offer a bevy of features that aquarists have come to demand in a modern sump device, with the TekSump really pushing the envelope of what features and function Read More

“Leucoxanthic” Pseudochromis is a funky aberrant we’ve never seen before

Aberrant fish show up occasionally from time to time and it’s always a game of roulette as to what form they will take. Pseudochromis are not exclusively spared from such afflictions, although it’s not everyday we come across a unique individual with an off-coloured scheme. Not too long ago we reported on a fully yellow Read More

London and Singapore to spearhead pioneering synchronous coral spawning project

The Horniman Museum & Gardens in London has teamed up with Singapore’s Resorts World Sentosa to spearhead a tandem experiment, which aims to achieve the simultaneous spawning of captive corals across two continents. This novel project is run by London’s Horniman Museum and Gardens, which boasts over 350,000 artefacts spanning a plethora of galleries which includes Read More

Rising Tide Updates Melanurus Wrasse Breeding Success

Pictured above are Halichoeres melanurus, captive-bred and shown here, fully settled and in juvenile coloration, at 36 days post hatch. Back in mid February, Kevin Barden, a member of the current Rising Tide Conservation program working at the Tropical Aquaculture Lab at the University of Florida, announced their success in breeding the well-known Melanurus or Read More

Delectable colony of red Leptoseris sitting pretty at Unique Corals

You’ve seen orange Leptoseris, you’ve probably seen green Leptoseris, and there’s no way you’ve missed the green-eyed orange Jack-O-Lantern Leptoseris. However this delectable colony of RED Leptoseris is in a league of its own, with the most graceful colony shape and a perfect arc of light colored growing tissue around its perimeter. Rarity is relative but we’ve been seeking various forms, Read More

Dynasty’s deepwater deluge series 1: Lipogramma evides and L. klayi

Like an infinite looping paradox, we yet again find ourselves dealing with a deluge of deepwater Curacao fish that would be criminal if we did not at least feature briefly. While it’s usually the more charismatic and regalia clad Liopropoma and Prognathodes that get all the glory, let’s not forget that Curacao has more than that Read More

Top 5 recent captive raised marine fish stories

There’s been such a flurry of captive bred marine fish stories lately, that it may have been hard to get a handle on how much is going on. Once upon a time, like ten to fifteen years ago, the announcements of new captive bred marine fish were so few and far between, that each achievement was Read More

Bluefish Mini is a drop-in controller for LED lights including the MaxSpect RazR

There’s a whole crop of great and controllable LED lights that create a really sweet and suitable color spectrum for our reef tank and corals, but the only thing holding them back is even more functionality, and especially the fun of having wireless connectivity via your phone. To address this problem, Bluefish has been developing Read More

Calanus copepods to replace Cyclopeeze in PE Mysis twin packs

For over a decade Cyclop-Eeze has been the staple food for feeding small reef fish and certain types of corals in this specific particle size range. However in recent years the harvest of Cyclop-Eeze from the Arctic lake in which they reside has been getting harder and harder to perform, and the availability of reefers’ Read More