June 24 2009,

Well just when you star thinking that Plasma Arc lighting is still years away from anything but prototype use, we stumble upon this awesome macroalgae tank at the Monterey Bay Aquarium which is already using Luxim’s latest and greatest. We had a look at the lighting behind this tank before we saw the front but if we hadn’t, the color balance and the shimmer was so natural that we would have guessed that this aquarium was using a skylight or a Sola Tube. Now before you go griping that this is a macroalgae tank and not a reef tank, keep in mind that these giant plants often have higher light demands than many of our deeper living corals, expecially the branching coralline algaes which live in extreme shallows and tidepools. At the time this video was shot, the Luxim Plasma Arc light had been in use for a couple months. Enjoy the video of the tank itself and we’ll post the video demo of the light running on this tank soon. Big thanks to David Cripe for giving us the tour of both sides of this tank. For the record, this tank is using just one single 250 watt LIFI lamp and still getting lots of brightness at the bottom of the tank, over 36″ deep.


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