April 8 2010,

Internationally reknowned Australian glass artist Kevin Gordon works magic in his designs with direct inspiration from the ocean. His latest work, “Systema Naturae” is on display at the Jane Sauer Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico until April 10 and features stunning work representing corals and other ocean creatures. His works marry the beauty of the ocean with the delicacy and richness of his glass medium wondrously capturing the beauty of the creatures. Gordon features cnidarians — Agariciidae, GalaxeaAcanthastrea, Acropora, Astreopora, and Faviidae — to urchins and even the nautilus.
Glass is a medium often overlooked and Gordon has done a masterful job capturing the essence of his muse with rich, bold colors and layered with textures to bring these objects to life. If you happen to be in Sante Fe this weekend, make sure to drop by the galley and let us know what you think. Here is what Gordon had to say about this installation:

In the design process of my work I look for how nature evolves.  I look for the underlying logic and formulas that create nature’s designs, not so much to imitate but to look at how it is formed.  I break down the design to the basic elements or fractals which repeat in a form of mathematical formula which build up to make the whole design.  This is applied  to expose the many qualities of glass.  I push the boundaries of what skills I have developed in cold working glass in conjunction with the skills of others that I work with in hot glass to finally achieve my work.

This body of work was inspired by the wondrous designs of forms that make up the coral reefs and beaches very close to where I live in Western Australia.  They are very much a part of my life.  I also gained access to the Natural Museum and over a period of a month I researched and studied the many specimens which became the basis of the design for this exhibition.


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