July 17 2010,

LEDs are an amazing source of reef aquarium lighting and they are fully capable of growing beautiful, colorful stony corals. The two corals above, a bird-of-paradise Seriatopora hystrix and green Seriatopora guttatus, have been growing almost exclusively under LEDs from an Ecoxotic Panorama fixture. These small birdnest corals have grown out from small 1″ ORA frags into nice mini colonies in just four months. Granted these corals aren’t the most light hungry, but they are growing very well under the medium lighting areas of this LED lit aquarium. The cost of LEDs is coming down on an almost monthly basis and the LED naysayers can sit on the sidelines as long as they want, but one day they’ll come around the realizing the efficiency and performance of LED lights to grow and color soft and stony corals as good as any.


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