August 12 2010,

Philips Lumileds recently added a new high-output efficient LED with the Luxeon Rebel ES hitting over 300 lumens. Geared towards providing a higher impact on the outdoor lighting market, the Luxeon Rebel ES and similar high-output, energy efficient LEDs are a natural fit for reef aquarium lighting.

The Luxeon Rebel ES produces 100 lumens per watt (lm/W) efficacy at the maximum recommended drive current of 1A. These lights can also be driven at a lower current and achieving an even better efficacy of 125 lm/W. The Luxeon Rebel ES is available currently in either 4,100K or 5,650K temperatures so a larger amount of blue LEDs would be needed to bring it up to acceptable coloration for reef hobbyist applications.

Despite not being the high Kelvin colors, these types of LED are providing more punch with fewer emitters eventually lowering the cost of fixtures. With the ability to still deliver 220 lm at 700mA or 125 lm at 350mA, fixture makers can still provide plenty of light with a lower power consumption providing more savings for the hobbyist. As commercial and residential LED applications take over other less efficient lighting, the overall costs and availability of more powerful emitters will help lower the cost and availability of efficient and highly-functional lighting in the reef aquarium hobby. Check out this link on the Philips website for a fun, 360 degree view of the LED.

[via LEDs Magazine]


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