September 28 2010,

Trimma tevegae is a gorgeous little goby which is relatively available but rarely showing it’s true potential. Like all fish, this species shows it’s best when its been conditioned for a while and put into a display that suits it. We’ve seen plenty of Trimma tevegae, at marinelife dealers and in some display tanks but today while at Elite Reef we spotted a gorgeous specimen which made us truly appreciate the color and elegance of this species.

The specimen in these pictures has been at Elite Reef since the beginning of summer, and has become the dominant resident of a cool little LED-lit nano cube. The combination of juicy lighting, reef rock setting and a well coralline-covered back wall made this fish display to great potential. Furthermore, this photo subject was so comfortable behind the lens that he didn’t even flinch a fin when we got all up in his gill. It’s hard to appreciate how pink the caudal fin is or how orange the stomach region appears in real life, but next time you’re in the LFS nano-goby department, make sure to give a gander for this little treasure.



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