October 21 2010,

Reef Filtration has just broken the news that it is releasing the new SWC230 cone and the new and improved SWC300A, which is now a cone. The 230 cone runs an internal askoll with a pinwheel, and pulls 60scfh at 51W. The footprint of the  230 cone is 12.5×10.5×23 in. and is rated for around  a 350 gallon medium bioload.

The 300 cone, on the other hand runs an external askoll with a pinwheel and pulls 95scfh at 75W. The 300A cone footprint is truly massive at 22x16x27 in. and is rated at around a 700 gallon medium bioload.   The skimmer also has a quite interesting future with a cone in the collection cup instead of the regular pipe.

The SWC 230 cone should retail at around $550-575 and the 300 cone will be $650-700. Just like the the 120, 160, and 180 cone skimmers, the SWC 230 and 300A skimmers completely come apart for easy cleaning. More pictures of the SWC 230 and SWC 300A after the break along with pictures of the 300A in action.


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