March 14 2012,

It’s been barely two months since CAD Lights released their Conic BioReactor, yet they have so much feedback from power users of biopellets that they’ve come up with an ingenious solution for fine tuning flow through, tumbling, and feed water to the protein skimmer. Using an inline three-way ball valve, it is now possible to dial in as much or as little production from the biopellets while also carefully controlling the outflow to your protein skimmer.

Next to the inverted cone design and improved mixing nozzles, the addition of the three way ball valve is one of the most major advancements we’ve seen in biopellet technology for aquariums. We’ve said it all along that biopellets work to remove nutrients, of that there is no doubt, but it’s up to us to collectively figure out how to make it work. With the user-requested addition of the three way ball valve to their COnic Bioreactor, CAD Lights is participating in the communal effort to make better biopellet products for aquariums. A full rundown of hwo the three-way ball valve works on the Conic Bioreactor is below.

1) no longer would the hobbyist get confused on ambiguously controlling portions for pellets/gallons/livestock. you can now put in as much pellets as you like and just set it at the speed you want the water to come out of the reactor and to recirculate within itself.

2) it helps avoid many of the common mistakes of overdosing, underflowing, overflowing etc.

3) just monitor your parameters and adjust the speed of reaction you desire based on the flow control you allow it. giving you practically full control of how much Nitrate and Phosphate removal you desire at the speed you desire.

4) Extremely EASY to control flow in 3 directions.


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