December 18 2012,

We’ve recently uncovered some telling information that suggests EcoTech Marine is aiming to release the highly anticipated Radion XR30w Pro early. The Radion XR30w Pro was first announced right before MACNA, where it was first shown off, and despite being unavailable has been a hot subject of discussion among reef aquarium LED enthusiasts.

Rumor has it that it could be available for shipment very soon with pre-orders beginning even earlier than that. Since Ecotech Marine applied a price drop to the base model fo the Radion XR30w LED we expected that the original $950 figure quoted for the Radion Pro would experience some adjustment.

While the Radion XR30w is retailing for one hundred dollars less than it did last year, now currently sitting at $649, we’ve heard that the price of the Radion Pro will be even less than initially proposed by EcoTech, and an educated guess would peg the new flagship LED light at or below $900.

Current owners of Radion LED lights eager to upgrade to the latest LED clusters of the Pro will have to wait until early next year when Ecotech enables its Service Exchange Program and other upgrade paths that we’ve previously explained. If like us you loved the colorful yet balanced lighting that the Radion Pro exhibited at MACNA then just hold on a little bit longer because you shouldn’t have to wait too much longer.



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