August 16 2013,

This might be of lesser concern to those of you that don’t install more than one tank every five years, but for the rest of us, where’s our colored pipe? Europe’s got the red pipe, we’re stuck with white or grey, meanwhile in South Africa their go-to tubing is a pleasant blue color. Sure the grass is always greener on the other side, or red, or blue, but why can’t we have access to loads of different tubing colors?

America is the home of the free, with some of the best selection of corals, fish and aquarium dry goods so we should have the liberty of choosing from a range of tubing colors. This could come in handy when color coding certain categories of pipes – blue for low pressure draining tubes, red for high pressure feed pipe and maybe green for some of the filtration or closed loops.

In the age of iApple design surely we’d be dying to get our hands on some white tubing if black and grey was all we had. But with so much being spent on more “superfluous” aspects of aquarium design it’s not too much to splurge on some color-coded tubing. We’re looking at you Bulk Reef Supply šŸ˜‰

The image above is an installation by Dorry PetsĀ near Johannesburg, South Africa


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