August 28 2013,

MACNA may not yet have officially begunbut for the professionals building and designing products and the coral vendors who are on their way to South Florida right now, MACNA is in full swing. The same goes for the Reef Builders writing staff which is hard at work bringing you an unprecedented amount of previews of MACNA goodies before a single attendee even walks through the door.

If you think we’ve got extensive coverage of MACNA 2013 now, just wait until the show actually starts . Reef Builders has had a pulse on this show since the moment it was announced and the 25th MACNA is shaping up to be a seminal year for the largest marine aquarium conference on earth. The FMAS has been on the ball and in gear about this show from the very beginning, the aquarium hobby is thriving which means we expect to see some crazy awesome livestock and incredible new products.

From Nuremberg to Singapore and Bristol to Johannesburg, no one covers international marine aquarium events like Reef Builders and when it comes to domestic events in our own country, we are even more obsessive. So tell your neighbors, tell your friends: whether they’re coming to Florida for the big show or prefer to enjoy it from the comfort of your home, keep it locked right here on Reef Builders for all the latest and greatest that the biggest reef show on earth has to offer.


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