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Keeping the Aptly Named Coral Beauty Angelfish

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  1. Matt Bowers (Muttley000) says:

    I have had good luck with this species over the years. I agree that plenty of live rock is helpful. My current specimen is in a 65 and has become more aggressive with time, even showing aggressiveness to a pair of clowns that “owned” the last tank they were in, so pick robust tank mates. I have a few mushrooms in the tank that this specimen leaves alone, but he destroyed some frags of pulsing Xenia I tried to start in the tank.

  2. Jeff Kurtz says:

    Your experience with increasing aggressiveness in this species reminds me that I left an important point out of my post: In a community of peaceful to moderately aggressive fishes, it’s usually best to add a coral beauty last. Thanks as always for your insights, Matt!

  3. Scott says:

    awesome post was thinking of getting one of these fish and this was helpful, please visit my small blog and offer any advice you can, Thanks

  4. Jeff Kurtz says:

    Glad you found the post helpful, Scott! We’ll definitely check out your blog. Thanks for the invite!

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