“Tanked” – A Dose Of Reality That Doesn’t Hold Water

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  1. Avatar Cheryl Dodson says:

    What bothers me is the fact that on TV they don’t give the aquariums ANY time to cycle and clean the water of cloudiness. It appears they go from setting the aquarium up showing the cloudy water to magically have clear water to add the fish. The is NOT the way aquariums are set up!!! You MUST give your aquarium a few days (I give mine at least a week) to cycle the water to purify it through the filtration. As much as I LOVED this show, this was the main thing that irritated me. It gives people the impression that this is normal. IT IS NOT!!

    Plus there ALWAYS had to be drama with Redneck or Brett added to the show. Not a single show went smoothly!!

    I miss this show but understand why it was canceled. Who would have thought Heather could harm Wayde the way she did. I’m impressed that he is man enough not to hit a woman, no matter her attitude. I always thought she was only in it for the money. First she got braces, then she had a boob job, then who knows what else she had done. It was obvious she was Botoxed to the max. I never really liked her.

    Please bring Tanked back with just Wayde!! He was the brains behind the business after all.

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