January 11 2012,

The Flipper magnetic algae scraper is somewhat confusing to us; on the one hand it looks like a near perfect copy of the Mag-Flip algae scrapers we’ve been using in our tanks for years but they claim to be using a new patented magnetic flipping mechanism. For $19.99 the Flipper does exactly what the MagFlip does, allowing the user to switch between the side with the scrubbing pad and the side with the scraper blade.

The only thing new about the Flipper is the use of replaceable stainless steel blades which will make short work of tough coralline algaes. We see a lot of flattering of products in the aquarium trade but compare our video demo of the Magflip from three years ago to the new demoes of the Flipper and you’ll see both devices are essentially the same thing. But so what? If the Flipper has a tougher scrubbing pad and with the replaceable steel blades and a little more magnetic strength the Flipper could carve out its own niche in the magnetic algae scraper market. [Flipper Cleaner via 3Reef & Advanced Aquarist]



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