June 12 2013,

The CAD Lights PLS-100 Pipeless Protein Skimmer flat out worked and with a winner on its hands, the company added a few more sizes to the pipeless skimmer line. Two larger sizes were added taking advantage of a conical design just like the TIA line of protein skimmers.

For larger systems that want to take advantage of the CAD Lights pipeless skimmer design, the new CAD Lights PLS-300 and PLS-400 conical skimmers are a good choice, while reducing the footprint and saving 40-60% of space in your sump. We were quite impressed with the skimming capabilities of the smaller PLS-100 and we expect the same kind of performance from the larger skimmers in the second generation line.

This new iteration not only features a cone-shaped design but also incorporates a gear control system allowing you to make precise adjustments to the skimmer. Since these have no wedge pipes or other controls, the skimmer body becomes the method of adjustment. The gear system gives you precise, 1/16 in. adjustment at a time with the easy turn of a knob. The skimmer also features a locking knob to lock your skimmer setting in place once you find that skimming sweet spot.

One of the initial knocks against the CAD Lights PLS-100 was a slight, inadvertent turn of the body threw your adjustments off. Also we found it took a bit of adjustment to dial in the PLS-100 but once set, it performed awesomely. This new gear should eliminate this and make adjustment rather simple.

The larger skimmers also feature built in baffles that returns the water 3/4 in. from the bottom to help eliminate micro-bubble discharge. Wondering which skimmer to get? The skimmer model number also indicates the volume rating of the skimmer, so the PLS-300 is rated for 300 gallons and the PLS-400 is rated for 400 gallons.

No word yet on pricing but they should be available in the next month or so if production has just started.


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