June 12 2013,

Walt Smith shared this stunning dichromatic Trachyphilia on Facebook. For any of you looking for a jaw-dropping, showstopper LPS piece for your aquarium, this one just might do the trick. We’ve seen a fair share of colorful Trachyphillia, Wellsophyllia and Scolymias and always get excited when we find one sharp, stunning coloration and an unusual pattern.

There is no Photoshopping of this coral, just removing the background to give a nice back backdrop to set the color off nicely. On initial glance, this does look like two separate corals that were spliced together. Regardless of a spliced coral or being found in nature, the coloration has sharp 50-50 definition and it looks rather healthy.

We’d like to find out where this coral ends up and how much it would go for.

[via Walt Smith]


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