January 3 2014,

ORA is hot out of the gate with their newest release for the new year, the ORA Shortcake Acro. Acropora microclados is one of the most iconic species of Acros that were made available by Australian exports in consistent quality and quantity, leading to the ‘Strawberry Shortcake’ being one of the first named strains from Australia.

The ORA Shortcake is one of many different color strains and morphotypes of Acropora microclados, and ORA’s selection seems to be particularly well textured, with a spiny-branched appearance. The overall colony coloration is on the reddish side and a pleasant shade of teal-blue towards the growth margins.

As with other strains of Acropora microclados, the coral exhibits abundant polyp extension, one of the many reasons that Strawberry Shortcake and their kin like the ORA Shortcake are popular with casual acropora keepers and diehard SPS nuts alike. [ORA]

A typical nice colony of Acropora microclados showing good color and colony form.


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