May 22 2014,

The Riptide water pump is a wild new concept of a water mover from Maxspect, a company better known for their innovative LED lights which is now breaking new ground on what they are dubbing a “Gyre Generator”. The Riptide is neither a centrifugal pump, nor a propeller pump, but uses instead a design similar to an air blower but with much elongated water paddles that are designed to produce the broadest, most uniform water motion possible.


The motor of the Riptide water pump is axially mounted with large water moving ‘paddle cylinders’ positioned on either side of it, and depending on how fast it rotates could also be very plankton friendly compared to the high turbulence water movers that are currently standard in the marine aquarium market. Maxspect will be offering up the Riptide water pump in four models, two smaller models with only a single paddle wheel and two larger models with “gyre generators” on both sides of the source of mechanical power.

True to its name the MaxSpect Riptide appears uniquely suited to producing mass water movement in an aquarium while not producing any hotspots or water jets, thereby getting lots of water volume in motion with very low pressure on corals and delicate reef life. We’re very curious to learn more about and see this exciting new concept water pump from the company that has already brought us a lot of very interesting LED lights but we’ll have to hold out for one more week until the official unveiling at InterZoo in Germany next week.



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