Twelve mile reef, Bazaruto Mozambique

Twelve mile reef is one of the norther most reefs in the Bazaruto Archipelago and is well worth the lengthy boat ride from this exotic island destination. Last week we wrote about Two mile reef which is located between Bazaruto and Benguerra island and this week we bring you Twelve mile reef. Twelve mile reef is a rocky outcrop north of Bazaruto Island (twelve mile north to be exact) with a similar distribution of marine life that one would find at Two mile reef. The big difference here is since the reef is further and visited less often there are just more fish and a better opportunity to see big fish like sharks and rays.
The reef is flat on top starting around 20 meters and drops to a max depth of 29 meters with small caves and overhangs as your move deeper. This dive site is for experienced divers with advanced certifications. The currents here can be quite strong with a variable visibility, and be prepared for a bumpy boat ride out to the site. Because of the currents it is a good place to see big game fish and sharks, white tip and zambezi (bull sharks) with some sightings of zebra sharks resting on the bottom
You wont find the diversity of corals as the shallow coral garden dive on two mile reef, instead this deep reef is covered in slow growing grew tree corals, purple soft corals and some branching acropora corals. Twelve mile reef is also a great place to see large schools of rainbow runners, snapper and game fish like tuna, bass and trevally. There has even been sighting of marlin and sailfish, as Bazaruto is on a yearly migration route for large black marlins.
There are two hotels on Bazaruto Island, Anantara hotel is located in the center of the island (count for a two hour boat ride to the dive site) and Bazaruto Lodge located on the norther tip of the Island (about a 45 minute boat ride) however the Bazaruto Lodge is currently under renovation so Anantara is your best bet for diving this lively reef.