January 5 2012,

The votes continue to roll in here for our 2011 Reader’s Choice LED showdown. The first two rounds are complete and we have it narrowed down to the Elite Eight in this fun way for our readers to chose the top LED lights we covered that were released this last year. A few surprises with Nano Box voters edging out the AquaIllumination Nano and Ecoxotic carrying three of the eight mentioned in round three. There are still some heavy hitters with Ecotech Marine’s Radion XR30, the Kessil A150W, Pacific Sun Metis Hypereon and Maxspect Mazzarra still in the hunt (click here for a full-size image of the bracket).

This next round will be open for voting until 4 p.m. PST on Friday, January 6.

Maxspect Mazzara vs. Ecoxotic Panorama Pro

There are some robust features of the Maxspect Mazarra making this one a top contender.  The Ecoxotic Panorama Pro is definitely more robust, has more colors than the previous generation and even has an RGB version.

Pacific Sun Metis Hypereon vs. Kessil A150W

The Kessil A150W is definitely one pendant to keep your eye on — different colors, proprietary chips and a great price! The Pacific Sun Metis Hyperion definitely is setting the bar high with Cree XM-L and UV LEDs in a sleek and stylish fixture. The Sunbrite Slimline S is a sleek looking fixture, tri-color LEDs, has a great price and oh yeah, a remote control!

Ecotech Radion XR30 vs. Ecoxotic Panorama Retro 2D

The Ecotech Radion XR30 hit the LED with plenty of buzz and so far the reviews have been pretty favorable for the XR30 as Ecotech Marine starts venturing out more.  The Ecoxotic Panorama Retro 2D is a great way to add LED lighting to your existing canopy or to use as a hanging light. The great feature now is the ability to dim these lamps.

Nano Box vs. Ecoxotic 120W Cannon

The NanoBox is one nice looking modular, entry-level fixture with four controllable channels of light plus active cooling. Taking heat management to a whole new level, the Ecoxotic 120W Cannon has more power and is lighter thanks to efficient use of heat pipes to aid in cooling.


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