New video showcases Oceanic Black tips and Tiger Sharks in Aliwal Shoal

Aliwal Shoal, South Africa

Aliwal Shoal is one of South Africa’s premier dive sites, and is internationally recognized as one of the top dive sites in the world. Located 5km off the coast in the KwaZulu-Natal Province, Aliwal Shoal is famous for exciting cage free shark dives and the annual sardine run attracting whales, dolphins and other marine life.
Anthony Kobrowisky, Sea Candy Media, is a South African underwater videographer who is passionate about capturing one of natures greatest events and not afraid to cozying up to sharks in Aliwal Shoal. Although underwater cameraman may sound like a dream job, diving in Aliwal is not for the faint of heart. The conditions are demanding with swells, currents and bumpy beach launches.
Aliwal Shoal is located in a unique underwater habitat. The offshore reefs rise abruptly from the depths creating a narrow reef parallel to the coast. Upwelling currents churn up nutrients from the deep-sea which feed the reef and active inhabitants of the shoal.
KwaZulu-Natal province, including Aliwal Shoal offers some amazing opportunities for shark diving without a cage. In Aliwal you can dive with Bull (Zambezi) Shark, Tiger Shark three types of Hammerhead sharks, Dusky Sharks, Spinners, Copper Shark, Spotted Ragged Toothed sharks and the occasional sighting of Great White sharks.
The latest video by Sea Candy Media shows a school of feeding oceanic black tips and lone tiger sharks in Aliwal Shoals. Anthony says” diving with sharks on a daily bases is a dream come true, filming them is just an added bonus!” You can follow Sea Candy Media on YouTube for more great underwater videos.

Aliwal Shoal – Dive site information

The shoal is around 380m (1250 feet) wide in the north, and becomes narrower to the south, the shallowest part of the reef comes within 6m (20 feet) of the surface and is at the north. The narrow ridge parallel to the coastlines is referred to as the Crown, and as the reef spreads out towards the coast it is know as the Ridge. Average depth of the Crown is about 12.5m, and the Ridge is about 19.5m average depth.

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