January 22 2014,

The first round of the 2013 Reef Builders LED showdown is in the books. After the dust settled there were some pretty clear winners and a few closer battles but the bottom line is, some of the tougher battles are right here in round two where some definite ‘Final Four’ worthy lights are facing stiff competition. Hurry up and cast your votes as the second round is closing on Thursday, Jan. 23 at 9 p.m. PT.

Quadspec V2 LED Par 20 vs. JBJ Pacifica DX
This one came in pretty close as the Quadspec V2 LED PAR 20 edged out the Current Orbit Marine taking 54% of the votes pitting it against the JBJ Pacifica DX that narrowly edged past the  MicMol Aqua Mini and Pro in round one. The Quadspec V2 are the new spotlights from MarineReefLED, with a great visual appeal and pretty unique spectrums. The JBJ Pacifica has 150W of LEDs with 24W of 420nm blue LEDs, 63W of 10,000K and 63W of 20,000K white LEDs.

Ecotech Radion Pro vs. NanoBox Reef Flare
The EcoTech Radion Pro and the EcoTech Radion G2 hit the ball out of the park taking 88% of the votes over Aquatronica and the NanoBox Reef Flare and Tide LEDs took 77% of their vote count. The EcoTech Radion Pro and Radion G2 are worthy to place over your tank. The NanoBox Reef Flare and Tide are great little lights that you can order with customize with different colored cases.

Kessil A360N/W vs. Orphek Atlantik V2
The Kessil A360N/W light scored 84% of the vote over the Alpheus LED in round one and the Orphek Atlantik V2 took 78% of the votes over the AquaticLife Edge LED. The narrow beam Kessil A360N and wide angle Kessil A360W are Kessil’s new flagship LED spotlights are packing a lot more than meets the eye with the ability to daisy chain them together and take advantage of advance controls. The new-look Orphek Atlantik V2 has wireless control that you can use with any Android device plus the new groundbreaking feature of the Atlantik V2 is that it will be populated will all dual chip LEDs.

Build My LED vs. Arcadia OTL-LED
Build My LED garnered 65% of the vote in round one over the ReefSpectrum P47 and the Arcadia OTL-LED had a closer battle with 65% of the votes over the Aqua Medic Aqua Reef. The Build My LED lights allow customization and we saw some great ideas from refugium lighting tuned to your type of macro-algae or all the advancements we covered at MACNA, Build My LED is impressing. Arcadia has been producing some solid lighting option in the UK for a few years and the company has released its most robust, and versitile, all-LED fixture to date with the new Arcadia OTL-LED. Using a combination of 1W and 10W LEDs, the new OTL-LED has four channels of control all via a built-in controller.

AI Hydra/Hydra 52 vs. ELOS Planet PRO
The AquaIllumination Hydra and Hydra 52 won 56% of its votes over the EvoLED TS and the ELOS Planet PRO took in 81% over he ZooMed AquaSun LED HO setting up another great round two battle. The AI Hydra and AI Hydra 52 among other innovations. The AI Hydra is like the Vega without the XM-level LEDs in the center of the cluster with ‘only’ seven channels of color control on a single LED board. The Hydra 52 uses the same basic shell of the still-new Hydra but it is populated with fifty two freaking LEDs! The new ELOS Planet PRO LED system is a powerful light allows you to upgrade and customize the Planet PRO fixture using LED strips in white, red, blue, green and UV flavors to design your own spectrum.

Aquatronica vs EHEIM PowerLED
The Aquatronica LED cruised past ProVolitans LED with 73% of the vote, while the EHEIM Power LED beat out the SolarFlare Micro. The Aquatronica light is jam packed with CREE LEDs, custom software and a sleek design. The EHEIM PowerLED Marine lights coax so much out of a 7W fixture. The PowerLED are made in an all blue Actinic flavor with an emission peak around 450nm and a PowerLED blue-white-blue version with the same blue light peak but with a little white light to balance it all out.

Orpek PR72 vs. Ecoxotic Cannon
The Orphek PR72 vs. narrowly beat out the Zetlight ZP3600 Pro and the Ecoxotic Cannon   took out the AquaticLife Expert Series (ES) LED. The Ecoxotic Cannon  isn’t new but it should did get a significant makeover. Although rated for the same 100 watts of light using a multichip LED package, the Cannon LED Floodlights are a completely different animal.
The Orphex PR72 is a PAR56 spotlight for use in larger and deeper tanks were smaller spotlights might fall short. The fixtures rocks 36 LEDs and draws 70 watts of power.

GHL vs. Current-USA Satellite +
The Mitras 6200 LED easily won over the CherryAqua iNano and the Current-USA Satellite + LED beat out the Aqua Medic Ocean Light LED Twin. Current-USA Satellite + LEDstriplight paves the way for a new generation of controllable, programmable LED strip lights. The GHL Mitras LX 6200 is GHL’s latest flavor of their fairly young Mitras LX LED platform replacing some of the warmer LEDs with cooler, bluer LEDs that should produce a bluer colored light that American reef aquarists prefer.


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